If I Had a Twitter Account, I’d Probably be Posting These as They Happened…

Another Christmas came and went, and I – yet again – missed the White Chocolate Milkshake at Steak ‘N’ Shake.  I chase this once-a-year treat in an attempt to get myself in the holiday spirit, as it was a staple of my college Christmases.  Perhaps the lack of milkshake is why I didn’t feel Christmassy this year?  At any rate, I’m tired of only having the shake available from Thanksgiving to Christmas only, so I’ve been on the hunt for white chocolate sauce to make my own.


I read Twilight, against what I’d originally avowed. I liked it. A lot.


The Etsy shop is still not in commission, but I will make an announcement when it is. Instead of being the ridiculous perfectionist that I am, I should just let the shop grow naturally. But you know me: perfectionist.


I’ve taken a vow to not let the TV be my babysitter any more. This isn’t really a New Year’s Resolution so much as it is a lifestyle choice. So far, so good: I haven’t turned on the TV as noise in quite a while. Instead, I’ve cooked, worked on master’s degree stuff, read (a lot), and taken care of things that I was ignoring because I couldn’t pull myself away from the TV.


In another one of my hair-brained schemes, I’ve decided that I’m going to make a quilt. I have a pattern, a plan, and a recipient (two, actually). I’ll let you know how the progress goes, and of course, glamour shots for the Flickr account.

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