Sunday Soujourn

We’re in the throws of September, which means the Ziffels need to pick which weekend we head to our annual Yankee Peddler sojourn.

Got a text message from MomZ this morning asking if I wanted to go to YP today, or head to Neu Ziffelhaus for lunch. Since I was napping on the couch (I stayed out late last night painting a sample Wedding Plate for a friend’s pottery painting studio last night), I didn’t get the text until an hour later, and I still hadn’t showered, I opted to meet them for a late lunch.

Made a wedding platter as an example for the studio.

A photo posted by Julia (@styckywycket) on Sep 10, 2016 at 8:37pm PDT

As part of lunch, we went to Jeni’s in Chagrin Falls, which was MomZ and DadZ first time. I could have had the Salted Carmel, which is my favorite, but I eat it all the time. I opted for the Ylang Ylang & Fennel instead, which was actually really good. However:

  • it tasted like you’d expect an aromatherapy candle to smell, and therefore,
  • would have been way better in a cup than a cone.

That said, I like the boutiqu-y flavor of it, so if I see it at Heinen’s in the near future, I’ll grab a million-dollar pint of it to eat when the weather is not nearly as gorgeous as it was today.

Edited to Add: I mentioned to Charlie about my ice cream flavor. He cocked an eyebrow and said, “Did it smell like the shower? Because that the scent of the shower spray we use?”


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